Benefits of the CoLibri Cover System

CoLibri covers have toy safety certification confirming that they are safe to use on books for small children.

Only three cover sizes are required to cover any size of school book.

It takes less than 30 seconds to create a durable and protective cover that fits perfectly around almost any book.

The CoLibri Cover System does not mark or damage the original book cover. This makes it easy to replace old CoLibri covers without damaging the original book in any way.

A custom-fit cover that is quick and easy. The CoLibri Cover System will trim and weld a perfect cover with a maximum of three simple trims.

CoLibri’s clear, transparent covers do not change the look of the original book.

Suggestions for use

CoLibri covers are ideal for textbooks, Montessori books, dictionaries, periodicals, school manuals, library books and even school registers and exercise books.

Not only is the CoLibri Cover System easy to use, it is also fun. Staff time can be saved by allowing older students to cover school books. There is no need for scissors or glue and the system cannot damage your books in any way.

The CoLibri Cover System can be used as a school fund raiser with the school organizing “Book Covering Days” when staff, parents and friends can bring their own books to school for covering (at a price!).

Use the CoLibri Cover System to give books that fresh new look for a new year. By simply replacing the old CoLibri cover with a new one, books that are passed from one pupil to another get a new lease of life, year after year.

Save money by increasing the life of your books. Our covers protect against dust, grime, and UV Rays, along with wear and tear due to day-to-day handling.

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