Benefits of the CoLibri Cover System

CoLibri covers have PAT (Photographic Activity Test) certification ensuring that the cover material will not affect books, documents or other items covered by it.

The CoLibri Cover System is manufactured from CE certified materials. The covers are non-toxic and ECO friendly.

No scissors, glue, or blades are required to apply a protective cover that fits perfectly around any book.

The CoLibri Cover System uses 100% transparent covers for easy recognition of book titles.

The CoLibri Cover System covers all types of hard and soft backed books.

The CoLibri cover material contains a “slip agent” which prevents books sticking together on shelves.

The CoLibri Cover System does not mark or damage the original book cover. This makes it easy to replace old covers without damaging the original book in any way.

Suggestions for use

Use the CoLibri Cover System to keep shelves for book storage and not cover storage. As the CoLibri Cover System requires only three cover sizes to cover any size book, a maximum of only three boxes of covers are needed at any time. The boxes are designed so that they can sit on top of each other and the covers removed as needed from the front of the boxes. The Pocket and Leonardo machines are compact for easy storage.

The CoLibri Cover System is also designed for use with special protective pockets (from A4 to A1) to encapsulate books, documents and any small items. They are ideal for archive use as they have PAT(Photographic Activity Test) certification and have been passed by the Canadian Conservation Institute as:

“Feller Class A material, being of excellent quality suitable for use in conservation practice which might give at least 100 years of satisfactory service.”

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