Will it damage the book if paper gets into trimming/welding bar?

No. You will not damage any paper that comes into contact with the trimming/welding bar. The machine has a temperature sensor that will not allow it to heat to a temperature that will damage paper. The machine is only at a high temperature for a few seconds during the welding cycle. At the end of each cycle, the trimming/welding bar’s temperature decreases before the LCD reads “Finished”

What is the warranty on the CoLibri book covering systems?

One year full repair/replacement guarantee and a refurbishment warranty for three years..

Do I have to turn the CoLibri machine off when I’m not using it?

No. The machine is only active when both handles are pressed. The machine is not heating when the handles are in the up position.

Can I move the machine easily?

Yes. The Pocket machine only weighs 8kgs and is very portable. The Leonardo weighs just 5kg and can fold into itself for easy carriage.

What does the number on the LCD mean?

The number represents the total number of trims the machine has done. To cover a book, two or three trims are required depending on the shape of the book.

Why do I have to wait until the LCD says "Finish"?

The few seconds this operation takes allows the weld to cool and seal the cover after the trimming/welding bar has melted the cover and the rollers have pulled the waste cover material out of the machine.

What if I don’t wait until the LCD says "Finish"?

The weld may not be completely sealed and won’t be as strong.

Is it dangerous for children to use the CoLibri Cover System?

No, the system is safe for children to use. However, we do recommend close supervision for children under the age of twelve.

How does the system actually cut the polyethylene?

Two rollers are used to “pull” the waste cover material out of the machine after the heated trimming/welding bar has melted the trim line. As there are no blades or other sharp objects used in the system, it cannot harm the book being covered or the operator.

Can I use the covers on all sizes of books?

The CoLibri Cover System uses three cover sizes to produce custom-fit covers that would be able to cover 98% of all books ever published.

What cover sizes do I need to buy?

There are three sizes of CoLibri covers: Mini, Standard, and Big. However, the smaller Leonardo machine will only accept Mini and Standard covers. The Pocket will accept all three sizes. The Mini and Standard covers are the most popular, covering over 90% of all book sizes. The covers are supplied in boxes of 250 covers for the Mini and the Standard sizes and 125 covers for the Big size. The boxes are designed so that they can sit on top of each other and the covers removed as needed from the front of the boxes.

How long will CoLibri covers last?

The shelf life of the cover material is 100 years or more according to the Canadian Conservation Institute and will not yellow or become brittle as some more traditional covering material does. CoLibri covers will double the life of a new book and enhance the appearance and significantly extend the useful life of older books. A CoLibri cover will protect schoolbooks that are constantly being pushed into and pulled out of school bags. In the event of a CoLibri cover being damaged on a book, it can easily be removed and replaced with a new cover, further extending the life of the book.

Do I need sticky tape or scissors?

No tape, glue, scissors or adhesives are needed. It’s a simple pressure and seal technique without the need for any sharp blades.

Why do I have to start with the back cover first?

Inserting the back cover of the book first helps to ensure the cover height is correct and square along the top trim as the back pocket of the CoLibri cover is slightly deeper than the front cover pocket.

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