Benefits of the CoLibri Cover System

Only 3 cover sizes are required to cover any size of book.

The CoLibri Cover System is small and compact, requiring minimum display and storage space for both the covers and the machine. The boxes are designed so that they can sit on top of each other and the covers removed as needed from the front of the boxes.

The CoLibri Cover System takes less than 30 seconds to create a durable and protective cover that fits perfectly around any book.

The CoLibri Cover System is easy and safe to use. Staff can be trained to operate this system in just five minutes. No scissors, glue or blades are needed to produce a perfect custom-fit cover every time.

The CoLibri Cover System does not mark or damage the original book cover. This makes it easy to remove covers without damaging the original book in any way. By covering more expensive stock on receipt, booksellers can reduce the number of price reductions they have to make for damaged stock. In the unfortunate event of a book not selling, the cover can be easily removed before the book is returned in mint condition to the supplier for credit.

The CoLibri Cover System produces a custom-fit cover quickly and easily. It will trim and weld a perfect cover with a maximum of 3 simple trims!

The CoLibri Cover System uses 100% transparent covers for easy recognition of book titles.

Suggestions for use

The CoLibri Cover System is ideal for protecting and preserving display and sample copies of books.

The CoLibri Cover System can open new markets. Most bookshops supply schools and libraries with books from time to time but a book covering service might turn these customers into more frequent visitors to the shop.

Booksellers can increase the footfall in their stores by advertising this unique book covering service. Customers will appreciate this value added service and it could be used as an alternative to price promotion for attracting new customers.

CoLibri covers are made from biodegradable polymers and are therefore ECO friendly. By offering to cover customers’ purchases, booksellers are helping to sustain the environment not only by helping the customer to extend the life of their book but also by knowing that if the cover is discarded, it will biodegrade.

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